Filler / Cushion / Pillow

Cushion: Cushions serve as essential decorative elements the are ideal for home and commercial spaces as well. You do need a very comfortable pillow for your office chair. After all it is equally important to be comfortable while you are at work.
We make cushions in various types of fabric like cotton , non–woven , polyester & micro fabric.

Micro pillow: Micro pillows are made of super soft micro fabric & filled with micro fibre . These are so soft that you will feel like you are touching feather . So reward yourself with these pillows so that you can take relaxation to the next level.

Fillers: Fillers are generally put inside a pillow cover so that the cover can be washed separately. Your sofas, beds, duvet looks incomplete without complementing a mini pillow in the choice of your fabric pattern and style . We make fillers in various fabrics like non-woven , cotton , micro fabric etc , and make sure that it suits your style statement and comfort level.